Worship (1 Chronicles 16:7-36)

We are made to worship God because of who He is and what He has done for us. We do this on our own, through the lives we lead, and together as a community of Christ-followers. We desire worship experiences that respect the history of the Church while seeking to find new ways to express our love to Him.

Community (John 13:1-17, 1 John 3:11-24)

We will encourage full participation in the life of the Church believing She is the Bride of Christ and a crucial part of God’s plan for the world. We encourage people to have vulnerable relationships with other Christ-followers. We want people to take the risky step to enter into deeper levels of community with a few others who desire maturity in Christ.

Formation (Ephesians 4)

We will emphasize the importance of who we are becoming in Christ as a crucial component of living the Gospel. We will provide ministries and experiences that train people to gradually become more like Him. This training has both individual and communal facets. The process takes time and effort and is inherently inefficient. There are disciplines, relationships and experiences we engage in by ourselves (i.e. solitude, prayer) and others we engage in as the Body of Christ (i.e. worship, study, eating).

Mission (Matthew 25:31- 46, Isaiah 61:1-3)

We will create opportunities for those who are growing in Christ-likeness to give themselves away for the sake of others. Like Jesus, we are called to give our lives away regardless of how people respond. This includes caring for the disenfranchised, welcoming people into the lives, homes and Church, and ministering to their various needs.