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If you really want to know what Oak Hills is about, we recommend picking up Renovation of the Church (InterVarsity Press). Written by our pastors, Kent Carlson and Mike Lueken, Renovation of the Church tells the story of Oak Hills, particularly our journey from a popular, attractional-model church to one deeply committed to spiritual formation and missional living. It will give you insight into the heart of who we are and what we value as a congregation. It includes a foreword by the late theologian and philosopher, Dallas Willard.

This book is a 2012 Christianity Today Book Award winner and a 2011 Leadership Journal Top Book of the Year.

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Oak Hills is deeply committed to faith and the arts. This is not only reflected in our art gallery, our worship artists, the use of dance and music and other art forms, or our annual Arts Camp, but more so in the hearts of our people. Our Creative Arts Pastor, Manuel Luz, reflects this in his book, Imagine That: Discovering Your Unique Role as a Christian Artist (Moody Publishers). If you are an artist of faith, we highly recommend you pick up this book.


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Where can we worship with our full selves―heart, soul, mind, and body―in Spirit and truth? Drawing from his own experience leading worship in a large congregation and feeling the pull of performance, our Creative Arts Pastor, Manuel Luz, guides us on a journey through worship that takes us far beyond style and deep into our own souls. He calls us back to an honest worship that moves past facades and pulls us inward toward the true self that God is forming within each of us. Each chapter ends with a spiritual practice designed to help us set aside pretense and enter into the very presence of God.

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