At Oak Hills, we place a high value on biblical community, people connecting relationally for the purpose of growing in Christ’s likeness. By regularly gathering with other believers, we can learn to care for one another and share our stories; we can begin to crawl into each other’s hearts and connect at a deeper level, beneath surface, and experience real transformation. We believe that without this connection, people at best attend church, but aren’t truly experiencing life in the Kingdom as God intended.

We believe transformation occurs best in the context of small groups; therefore, we have a variety of small groups available to accommodate the many needs and levels of spiritual maturity of attenders at Oak Hills.


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Click here to explore the variety of groups we have available. From small bible studies to large community groups, service groups to missional groups, we have something for a variety of ages and interests!


Community Groups

Community Groups are groups of people who meet regularly to study God’s Word and share life together.

Spiritual Formation Groups

These groups of 4-8 people follow a curriculum developed here at Oak Hills which helps each person to look at their own life story while identifying how God has been at work in the critical events in life. Next, the group moves through lessons on our False Self and how to move forward in our spiritual growth through various disciplines. For more information, contact the church office.

One Thing Groups

Recognizing that spiritual formation happens in the details of our lives, the premise of a One Thing group is that by identifying one area in our lives where Christ-like transformation is desired.

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