There’s something about sitting outdoors around the fire pit watching the flames dance. Time slows down. Relationships become more genuine. Life gains more clarity. Conversations become more real. And isn’t that the kind of life we desperately long for?

Oak Hills Church presents a message series about a different kind of living—with real conversation, real community, and dealing with the real issues that live in our hearts. This series also comes with an invitation to attend one or more fire pit gatherings hosted locally by various members of our church community in their homes to talk about a variety of issues—from marriage to singleness, social issues to spiritual ones, the unsettled present to the murky future.

Our Fire Pit Conversations series will begin on January 7 and continue through February 11. We invite you to join us each Sunday at 9am and 11am—as well as around the fire pit—throughout this series. Children’s programming will be available at both services.