Spiritual Direction is a ministry of listening, discernment and prayer in a confidential setting of encouragement and compassion. In spiritual direction, you are invited to reflect deeply on the experiences of your daily life, to notice the presence of God and to nurture your relationship with God’s Spirit. A spiritual director listens and helps you reflect on God’s personal communication and activity in your life in a sacred, safe and confidential setting.

Our directors are committed to their own prayerful practice, spiritual formation, and have received training in spiritual direction. They abide by the Guidelines for Ethical Conduct published by Spiritual Directors International.

To listen to an audio conversation about what Group Spiritual Direction is and how it’s been impactful to some of the participants, please click the Oak Hills iTunes page here, and proceed to the message titled “Awakening” dated 08/09/2015.

Individual Spiritual Direction

A personal, one-to-one relationship with one of our directors. These are typically one hour appointments and meet once a month.

Group Spiritual Direction

A group experience which helps each participant become more aware of God in their lives, with the intention of being formed to the image of Christ for the sake of others. Groups form approximately every 6 months.

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