Spiritual formation into Christ-likeness is a work that God initiates in us through the Holy Spirit. Our job is to cooperate with the Spirit’s work in that regard. One of the ways we do that is by engaging in various spiritual practices or “exercises” shown in Scripture and throughout history to create space for God to do His transforming work in forming us into the character of Christ. These exercises are not an end in themselves. They simply provide reliable means for the Spirit to transform us.

There is no exhaustive list of these practices. But in an effort to start somewhere, we have established an Rhythm of Life comprised of six spiritual exercises. These particular practices were chosen, in part, because in addition to helping us grow in Christ, they help us confront some of the perils of suburbia such as individualism and isolation.

Some practices to help us grow…our Rhythm of Life.

Bless someone outside the church every week through a purposeful demonstration of love

Eat in homes once a month with people outside the church

Worship together on Sunday morning

Read through the Gospels in small 2-3 chapter segments

Create space for God as you wake up and as you go to bed

Live within your means and work toward giving away more than 10%