Imagine that you are in a sailboat on a vast but calm lake. The air is still and unmoving, silent and hushed. You sit in your boat, sails at full, waiting for the next gust to grab you and take you somewhere. Now imagine others around you, each in their own sailboat, each waiting to catch the wind. And then it happens.  Invisible but unmistakable, you feel the swoosh of a mighty breeze, and soon, you—and everyone around you—are flying across the water, moving in concert with one another in a choreographed ballet of sails and current and air.

At Oak Hills, we feel like the Spirit of God has been moving through the people of God in invisible but unmistakable ways. As we continue to emphasize worship, community, mission, and spiritual formation, God continues to work in and through us—molding us, making us, calling us, and using us in the world. As we pursue the Kingdom of God together, we see His hand in the ordinary and extraordinary moments and acts of our lives.

Beginning on September 10, we will be telling the stories of how God is working through the people of Oak Hills. Through five weeks, we’ll examine Genuine Change (09/10), Redemptive Relationship (09/17), Radical Welcome (09/24), Transformational Encounter (10/01), and Unleashed People (10/08). And in the process, we hope to be challenged to continue to answer the call of God to pursue His Kingdom together—Further Up and Further In.

We hope you will join us throughout this series.