Giving Campaign

Giving Campaign

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By Lorraine Rothenburg, Community Care & Assimilation Pastor

It was November of 2013. That’s when we first started talking with our church family about a new giving campaign to address some practical and ministry needs and goals. We started with interviews with some church individuals and families, and then a church survey followed by a Congregational Meeting and Vision Night on November 21 of that year. Our campaign team met with a consultant to map out plans for the two-year campaign, and after that we met weekly for many months. It was a fun and exciting time of preparing!

We officially launched “to the modular & beyond!” in February of 2014, which ran for 7 weeks and culminated in a big All-Church Banquet on March 29th and Celebration Sunday on April 6th. Those weeks were a whirlwind of meetings, a leadership dessert, informational gatherings with our pastors, introduction to our beloved mascot Lars, and more (including prayer!). Our print materials mapped out our campaign vision and goals, which included renovation of most of our modular buildings, moneys to go toward paying down one of our mortgages and moneys toward needs of one of our ministry partners – Restoration Ministries in Brazil.

And now, more than two years later, here we are. At the end of May, we are wrapping up our campaign. How did we do? Good question! As of today, we:

  • Have received $911,000 of the pledged $1,000,000. That’s amazing! That leaves only $89,000 to yet receive (and more), which we hope to receive by the end of this month from pledged gifts as well as new gifts.
  • Have renovated modular buildings C & D (classroom spaces). These rooms house a bunch of our outside recovery groups (such as AA and Al Anon), as well as other groups. We have also renovated buildings F & G, our staff/pastoral offices. We are so very grateful to be working and serving our church folks and community in new offices that look (and smell) amazing and are so much more hospitable and safe. Building A, our Youth Auditorium, is almost fully renovated. This multi-purpose building will also be available for weddings, funerals, other church activities and outside rentals. Our church lobby also got a face-lift and update with new paint, artwork, signage and upgraded booths. The landscaping around our office buildings was redone and now our main office has a clearly marked, friendly entrance.
  • Have sent money to Restoration Ministries for the purchase of a much-needed bus and build-out of their dormitories. Their leaders visited us and shared in our services several times.
  • Have made multiple reductions to our mortgage payments: a total of $402,000, which means a reduction of our monthly payments by $2,700.
  • Have, as part of our desire to reach out more to Folsom families, hosted a variety of outside groups of various sizes, including housing 60 students overnight for 6 weeks for a wrestling camp!

Yes, we truly have much to celebrate. God has been so good to us. Our church family has sacrificed so much, both financially and in other ways, to help us accomplish our campaign goals. It has been fun to do this together. And now, as we are nearing the end of the campaign, it’s time to celebrate!

Join us on May 29th at 10am for our one-service Sunday as we celebrate together. We’ll follow our service with a great lunch and, of course, CAKE!! We hope you’ll make plans to join us.

And, if you didn’t get to participate in giving to the campaign and would like to, or want more information, stop by the Community booth in our lobby any time in May for materials. And your Lars mug!

Well done, Oak Hills Church! Well done. Let’s finish strong with our remaining gifts and celebrate God’s enduring faithfulness to us.