We have several guiding values that help us in engaging in mission.

Friendships at the Margins

We want our relationships and involvement with those we are seeking to serve to be first based on friendship, not objectifying but encountering in “relationships of mutuality and reciprocity.”  (This value is taken from the title of one of our favorite Missional books by Christopher L. Heuertz and Christine D. Pohl.)

Be Saved as Much as to Save

We want to recognize the fact that in our efforts to bring God’s saving grace to the world, we also find ourselves changed, transformed and encountering God’s grace in our lives – often from unexpected places.

Serve Without Condition

We seek to be servants, not because of the outcome we hope to achieve but because it is our calling from God.  We serve, we hope, we pray, but in the end, we leave the results in God’s hands.

Atmosphere of Continual Learning

We seek always to be learning new and better ways to do the things we do.  We want to be learners from God, each other, and others in our community.

Deliberately Relational Partnerships

We want to be an enhancement to the actual work God is doing through our partners by being relationally invested and deliberate in our interactions to be the best support we know how.  We want our partnerships to be more than simply an exchange of financial resources.

Local Believers and Churches are the Experts

We value nationals in leadership of ministry and local ownership of ministry efforts – recognizing that they are best equipped to know and understand their peers, as well as best capable to communicate and reach out in their own contexts.

To God be the Glory

We seek to strive not for ourselves, our interests, or our recognition, but instead in cooperation with the Holy Spirit, in proclamation of the gospel of God’s Kingdom and with invitation to follow Christ in every area of our lives, we strive with God’s glory as our end.


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