Our Team

  • Ashley Hansen

    Receptionist / Administrative Assistant

    So what do you really do at the church? I am the front office receptionist! I am generally the first face you see when you come in or the first person you speak to when you call. I am also the … Continued

  • Jordan Wells

    Worship Pastor

    So what do you really do at the church? I help with the song selection, charting music and lead the band practices. I grew up in: Placerville Family Info: Beautiful wife Robin, and two handsome boys, Dashiell and Theodore Favorite book: The Lord of … Continued

  • Colleen Gray

    Children's Pastor

    Any interaction with Colleen leaves you knowing you’re loved beyond words by her and God–she’s also been on staff since 1999 and hasn’t aged a day. So what do you really do at the church? Oversee all Children’s Programming from newborn … Continued

  • Donny Driffill

    Youth Pastor, Middle School

    So what do you really do at the church? Drinks lots of coffee and walks around and talks to everybody…. I grew up in: The middle of the desert. In the beautiful town on El Centro where temperatures were a very comfortable … Continued

  • Jacquie deMontel

    Family Ministries Coordinator

    Jacquie has the best hair on campus and is the glue that holds our family ministry team together. Her humor and joy keep us passionate and excited to serve on team Oak Hills. Although it looks like she hasn’t filled … Continued

  • Kody Renfro

    Communications Administrator

    Kody is relatively new to staff. She still needs to update the website with her bio…

  • Lorraine Rothenburg

    Community Care Pastor

    Lorraine’s extreme gift of compassion and love for people is evident in every area of her life, including ministry – she also has the best candy in her office. Here’s what she had to say: So what do you really … Continued

  • Manuel Luz

    Creative Arts Pastor

    Manuel is passionate about God, authentic worship, and expressions of the arts by God’s people for His glory. So what do you really do at the church? A lot of people think I’m the guy who sings behind the piano, and … Continued

  • Melinda Word

    Finance Administrator

    Melinda rocks! Not only is she an incredible bookkeeping artist, but she is a gifted visual artist as well. You can often catch her on stage as a featured Worship Painter. So what do you really do at the church? Bookkeeper, wedding … Continued

  • Mike Lueken

    Senior Pastor

    Mike’s constant commitment to going deeper and experiencing personal spiritual transformation in all of his life, as well as challenging others to do the same, has had a profound effect on Oak Hills and its ministries, So what do you … Continued

  • Pat Rizell


    Pat has the task of keeping our campus humming along–and no one does it better. He cleans and repairs with a smile even when it’s over 100 degrees out. So what do you really do at the church? If it’s broke, … Continued

  • Rick Leary

    Campus Development Pastor

    Rick’s love for God and the Church is legend—wait for it—dary. He has served and lead in every department at Oak Hills from children’s to men’s ministry. So what do you really do at the church? Campus Development includes new development, construction, … Continued

  • Stephenie Carr

    Youth Pastor, High School

    Stephenie has been a part of the Oak Hills family since childhood–she travels the world with students every summer leading them into discipleship and mission experiences. Stephenie has an incredible perspective on the world and how to care for students. So … Continued

  • Susie Worthington

    Administrative Assistant

    Susie’s voice is often the first one you will hear when you call the office, and you can hear her wonderful smile. So what do you really do at church? Administrative Assistant to well…everyone. I grew up in… Lincoln, CA on a ranch. … Continued

  • Tracie Chance


    Tracie is one of the quiet miracle workers on staff. She’ll stealthily sneak in, empty your trash, while filling your office with love. She makes our campus beautiful and warms our souls. Next time you leave a handprint on the … Continued

  • Travis Carr

    Youth Pastor, High School

    Travis is full of humor and deep thinking. He can make a tense room laugh hysterically while also stirring up deep life changing questions–makes sense that he works with youth. As one of of newer pastors, he also will be in … Continued