Ashley Hansen

Ashley Hansen

Receptionist / Administrative Assistant

So what do you really do at the church? I am the front office receptionist! I am generally the first face you see when you come in or the first person you speak to when you call. I am also the IMPACT Administrator assisting Pastor Manuel Luz.

I grew up in: Washoe Valley, NV until I was 7 and then my family moved to Rio Linda, CA

Family Info: I am married to my wonderful hubby Ted Hansen and we have two beautiful boys Lucas and Samuel.

Favorite book: Don’t make fun, but I love the Harry Potter series. I also love the chess series by Steven James as well as any Ted Dekker books

Favorite movie: Too many to choose from

Favorite saying: If I have one it must not be my favorite because I cant think of it.

Favorite thing to do: Read a good book

Favorite team: um…It used to be the Sacramento Kings, back when they were good. Now I don’t have a favorite team. Ted is sad about that.

Favorite color: GREEN

What is your dream place in the world? To live…somewhere tropical, right on the beach. To Visit…France

One thing to do once in life: European tour for sure!

You’re stuck on a deserted island and boy you’re glad you packed your: Rope! You need rope for pretty much everything…have you seen Lost? Rope is always needed, and apparently a bald guy that will kill boar for you to eat.

Do you have any fears, irrational or otherwise? I have a fear of public speaking, so no making fun if I mess something up. Also spiders and the phrase “I need to talk to you”…but shhh don’t tell Kent

15 minutes of fame: My 15 min of fame wasn’t on TV or radio, but in Hong Kong on a mission trip. The choir I was traveling with sang at a school and after our concert all the students came up to us singers and asked for our autographs.

Most notorious around the office for: Making coffee and interrupting conversations or meetings.

Something we’d be surprised to learn about you: I was an acrobatic gymnast for 6 years and traveled to Australia and Switzerland for international training and competing.

Adjective co-workers would use to describe you: Mike said I was “accommodating”.

Became a Christian how? I was 7 and my grandma led my in the salvation prayer over the phone. I grew up in the church and I was asked the question one day if I had ever accepted Christ. I couldn’t answer that question and started to cry. I asked my mom to call my grandma so I could talk to her and she led my through the prayer.

Am particularly fond of/moved by/drawn to this verse: 1 Corinthians 13 and Hebrews 12

Seriously though…Monkeys are super cute and I would love to own a spider monkey one day!