Colleen Gray

Colleen Gray

Children's Pastor

Any interaction with Colleen leaves you knowing you’re loved beyond words by her and God–she’s also been on staff since 1999 and hasn’t aged a day.

So what do you really do at the church? Oversee all Children’s Programming from newborn to fifth grade. I also select or write children’s curriculum, and recruit/oversee volunteers.

I grew up in: Buffalo Center, Iowa. Yes, it is as small as it sounds. I lived on a farm and when I heard prayers at church for the “missionaries on the foreign fields” I thought we they were saying “corn fields.”

Family Info: Six amazing young adults who are still my “kids:” Jonathan and his wife, Karin; Carissa and her husband, Cameron; and Amy and her husband, Nathan. In addition, I am the beyond proud “marmie” (grandma) of “soon to be ” 7 amazing grandbabies.

Do you have a weird habit? I enjoy a cup of hot water.

Favorite book: The Chronicles of Narnia (whole series).

Favorite movie: Don’t really have a favorite. It depends on my mood and what I’ve seen recently.

Favorite saying: Life is what happens between your plans.

Favorite thing to do: Spending time in nature walking, hiking, jogging, sitting, etc. (during nice weather). I love both the mountains and the ocean and have a thing for “trees.”

Favorite team: Seahawks!

Favorite color: Blue

What is your dream place in the world? Comfy cottage in the Caribbean with a deserted beach as my back yard.

One thing to do once in life: Something that feels like I’m flying (not sure if that’s sky diving, hang gliding, zip line or what).

You’re stuck on a deserted island and boy you’re glad you packed your: Matches (hate being cold so I want a fire at night).

Do you have any fears, irrational or otherwise? Small places where I can’t see the outside, being shut in a coffin alive, snakes and rodents, people’s feet touching me.

15 minutes of fame: “Good Morning Sacramento” appearance for a play I was in.

Most notorious around the office for: Being cold.

Something we’d be surprised to learn about you: Lived in Nassau, Bahamas, for almost three years.

Adjective co-workers would use to describe you: Dedicated.

Became a Christian how? I was raised in a Christian home and “prayed the prayer” as a young child. Adulthood taught me I had a “warped” view of God and I spent a large portion of my life feeling I was a miserable disappointment to God. It has only in the last fifteen years that I can truly say I have “experienced God’s love and pleasure,” though I have always claimed to know it was a reality.

Am particularly fond of/moved by/drawn to this verse: Ephesians 3:16-19.

Seriously though… Working with kids is my passion and joy and I am truly honored and humbled to get paid to do what I love.