Emily Hooey

Emily Hooey

Missional Living Administrator

So what do you really do at the church? I have the best job, I get to connect with those in our community and world, that are sharing the love of Christ with those around them.

I grew up in: Alameda, CA

Family Info: I have wonderful husband and 4 energetic kids ages 12,11,10, and 9

Favorite book: Wounded Healer by Henri Nouwen

Favorite movie: Les Miserables

Favorite saying: Life’s not fair and usually that is a good thing.

Favorite thing to do: Hike, run, play at the beach

Favorite team: SF Giants and Warriors

Favorite color: Purple

What is your dream place in the world? Everywhere!

One thing to do once in life: Visit every continent

Something we’d be surprised to learn about you: I could survive on donuts and ice cream

Became a Christian how? Young Life Summer Camp

Am particularly fond of/moved by/drawn to this verse: “I have come that you many have life and have it to the full.” John 10:10