Pat Rizell

Pat Rizell


Pat has the task of keeping our campus humming along–and no one does it better. He cleans and repairs with a smile even when it’s over 100 degrees out.

So what do you really do at the church? If it’s broke, I fix it; if it smells, I flush it; if it’s stained, I scrub it
… If I clean it, they will come.

I grew up in: First 9 years in SoCal, then 10+ years in Placerville on 5 acres (3 of those years stuck in a trailer sleeping on a pullout bed with my sister – talk about family issues)

Family Info: Married to my wife, Caryn, for 24 years. Have 2 adult kids – Jeremy and Dana.

Favorite TV show: Seinfeld and West Wing

Favorite saying: “You can, but you may not” from the movie Avalon

Favorite thing to do: Sleep, watch TV, and sleep some more – oh and I like to eat a lot

Favorite team: The Los Angeles Rams, the St. Louis Rams, and possibly the Los Angeles Rams again

Favorite color: The color of the sky during sunset after a warm summer rain

What is your dream place in the world? Anywhere I can sit and listen to the crashing ocean waves, preferably with my wife

You’re stuck on a deserted island and boy you’re glad you packed your: Wife (refer to previous answer)

One thing to do once in life: Not die

Do you have any fears, irrational or otherwise? Yes

15 minutes of fame: I played in an “air band” during a high school talent show. Van Halen Rocks!!!

Most notorious around the office for: Wearing the same jeans every day to work

Something we’d be surprised to learn about you: I have an alias… My real last name is Zellmer

Adjective co-workers would use to describe you: No comment

Became a Christian how? The short answer is: Kent preached, God spoke, Yada, Yada, Yada … now I give all my money to Oak Hills.

Seriously though…It’s a pleasure and honor to serve the people of Oak Hills Church