Stephenie Carr

Stephenie Carr

Youth Pastor, High School

Stephenie has been a part of the Oak Hills family since childhood–she travels the world with students every summer leading them into discipleship and mission experiences. Stephenie has an incredible perspective on the world and how to care for students.

So what do you really do at the church? I pastor youth.

Education: BA in Communication from Humboldt State University, half way done with my Masters in Intercultural Studies from Fuller Theological Seminary.

I grew up in: Northern California.

Family Info: Married to Pastor Travis Carr and have 3 children, Railey, Jovie, and Rivers.

Do you have a weird habit? I like popping zits…

Favorite book: The Little Prince, by Antoine de Saint-Exupery or Ruthless Trust, by Brennan Manning.

Favorite movie: Meet me In St. Louis.

Favorite saying: “It is easier to ask for forgiveness than it is permission” -Pastor Kent Carlson

Favorite thing to do: Go on coffee dates.

Favorite team: Broncos, by marriage or the Kings, by vicinity.

Favorite color: Currently?  Green, but it often changes.

What is your dream place in the world? San Sabastian, Spain.

One thing to do once in life: Travel to space.

You’re stuck on a deserted island and boy you’re glad you packed your: Hammock.

Do you have any fears, irrational or otherwise? Needles, scalpels and feet.

15 minutes of fame: I know Tom Hank’s sister-in-law and Willie Nelson stole a song from my mom.

Most notorious around the office for: Nursing in staff meetings?

Something we’d be surprised to learn about you: I don’t actually like coffee.

Adjective co-workers would use to describe you: Ask them and let me know what they say!!!

Became a Christian how? I grew up making a series of commitments to Christ, each one more meaningful and significant than the one before.

Am particularly fond of/moved by/drawn to this verse: Mark 6:30-44

Seriously though…Socks and sandals?  Heck, why wear sock at all – ever?  Shoes either for that matter…